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How To Prevent Heart Disease - Ways To Prevent Heart Disease

How to prevent heart disease - Heart disease is a common disease that affect or kill a lot of people all over the world.Heart disease is also a  major cause of disability in adult. Lack of proper flow of blood to the heart can cause heart problem.

how to prevent heart disease - ways to prevent heart disease

What is heart disease ? A question everyone should ask. heart disease also called coronary heart disease is when your artery become blocked preventing oxyen and nutrient to the heart also buildup of plaque in the arteries which makes it hard for blood to reach the heart.

Age play a big factor in getting a heart disease.the older you are the more risk you have in getting a heart ages 45 and up are at risk. women 55 and up are at risk.

estrogen protect women from getting heart disease so men are more at risk.
Ways To Prevent Heart Disease

There are different ways to prevent heart disease1. Keep your blood pressure under control - control your blood pressure. blood pressure is a major risk factor of heart disease.check your blood pressure once a year for adults.check it multiple times in a year if you have high blood pressure.

2. Control your cholesterol -  hight cholesterol  can clog your arteries and raise your risk of heart attack.changing your diet and taking necessary medication can help reduce cholesterol

3.Have a healthy weight - Being overweight is a huge problem and can cause all sort of health have a high risk in having heart disease than someone who is not overweight.these is associated with diabetes and high blood pressure.

4. Avoid saturated fats eat healthy - Do your best to avoid foods high in saturated fat, avoid foods high in sodium, avoid bad fruits and vegetables instead. fruits and vegetables can help flush out toxins that can affect your heart.

5.Exercise everyday - Having regular exercise can fix a lot of health problems that might occur in your body and also lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, also allow proper blood flow to your can avoid future heart disease just by exercising.

6. Reduce alcohol intake - Too much alcohol can raise blood pressure.Alcohol also slows down your body function and can contribute to weight gain.just because it watery doesn't mean it doesn't have calories.

7. Never smoke or Stop Smoking - smoking cigarrete can damange your lungs and it put you at a greater risk of having heart attack and stroke.if you feel you are addicted seek help immediately.only you can help yourself.

8. Don't stress yourself - I know it hard not to stress because we all have things we worry about and sometimes stress happens even when we avoid it. stress is linked to heart disease. when your body is stress it can raise blood pressure and put you at risk of heart attack. focus on something calm,listen to calming music,exercise is a great way to reduce stress.

9.Get a good night sleep - we all need at least 8 hours off sleep at night.not getting enough sleep can raise risk of diabetes,high blood pressure,obesity. having those three things can put you at risk of heart disease.if you are having problem going to sleep contact your health care provider.sleep is very important.having sleep apnea stop people from breathing while sleeping.this a problem and affect you from getting a good night sleep it also can put you at risk of heart disease.have yourself tested for sleep apnea.

10. Drink plenty of water before going to bed - yes water can help prevent heart attack. when you sleep water flush toxins from your body. drinking water will loosen your muscle.

11.Take aspirin - if you take aspirin in the day also take it at night.heart attack mostly happen in the day.aspirin do not expire.keep aspirin by your bedside.heart attack happens mostly when you are on the bed.

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