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17 Problems With Hair Extensions - Should I Wear Hair Extension ?

17 Problems With Hair Extensions

If you are a woman,you know what hair extension is.

17 Problems With Hair Extensions

What Is Hair Extension?

Basically artificial hair attatch to your hair to make your hair extensions are usually sewed in,clipped or glued in.

1. Getting use to hair extension- Hair extension takes getting use to.i personally i don't like hair extension.i am a natural woman all the way, but i support women extensions can be annoying.the thought of something attatch to your hair might make you uncomfortable like when you wear a turtle neck sweater during the winter.

2. Artificial/synthetic hair extension - are mostly cheap and if you don't get a good brand it can look cheap on your hair.artificial hair don't have moisture like real hair .it mostly dry feeling.most women don't keep it on for long. i don't recommend leaving hair extension on your hair for too long.

3. Getting human hair extensions is a better choice because you can style it,it feels like real blends well with your hair.human hair are expensive and might not work for someone on can wash, dry and style human hair.what you put on your hair matters.invest in human hair instead of synthetic hair.

4. Hair extension require a lot of time - you will be sitting in the salon for about 2 hours geting your hair extension.i don't know if i can do that.

5. Blending hair extension -  getting hair cut is required to blend your hair extension.the idea is to make your hair look don't want anyone to know you have fake hair.

6. Style your hair everyday - it can get frustrating having to style your hair everyday.either by wash and go,curling your hair or straightening your hair.

7. Being careful when you are blowing out your hair - you can't put too much pressure compare to a real hair.

8. Losing your edges - yes hair extension can make you loose your a woman you know how important your edges define the shape of your face.make sure you don't let your stylist make your hair extension too tight.

9. Hair can fall off - depending how tight your hair extension can lose some not leave it on for too long.your hair need to breath.

10. Head get itchy -  you might itch your hair a few times because this is not your hair.

11. Getting dandruff -  yes you can get dandruff if you leave the hair extension too long.

12. Unable to wash your hair everyday - it can be annoying when you start to itch your hair and you want to wash the hair but you are worried to mess up your hair extension.

13. wearing hairnet or tieying your hair extension - At night is the want to sleep comfortable but with hair extension you might sleep on side postion not to mess up your hair extension..

14. Products you can use - you have to be careful what kind of product you use on your hair extension.sulfate free shampoo is best choice.

15. Allowing your spouse or partner to touch your hair - you will be very protective of your won't let your spouse or partner to touch your hair.

16. How long you can leave your hair extension on - you have to get your hair done around the time your stylist tells you don't want your hair extension to be noticeable.

17. The had part, taking them off -  you might get frustrated taking your hair extension out because you are worried about the amount of hair you lost and not to pull your hair.

You know what they say beauty is pain not that i agree.

Conclusion choosing to wear hair extension is your choice and i think it makes a woman look beautiful but it does come with a lot of caring. Available hair care online Learn more Click here


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