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Skin Cancer Symptoms - Skin Cancer Prevention (Melanoma)

Skin Cancer Symptoms - Cancer  ia a popular disease that kills a lot of people. this is a disease that destroy body a scary disease and it takes a lot to treat it. there are different kind of cancer. But that is not what am here to write about.

Skin Cancer Symptoms  - Skin Cancer Prevention

I want to list melanoma skin cancer symptoms so that anyone can know if they have skin cancer.

Having unusual moles, blemishes,markings,sores,lumps may be a sign of cancer or a warning signs.

A lot of people have moles on their skin, either on the face or on the other part of the body. most moles are harmless but be concern if your mole color changes like the mole size get bigger,if the mole color changes,or the shape.

Signs And Symptoms Of Melanoma Skin Cancer

Spot on the skin - The most commmon sign of melanoma cancer is the new spot on your skin,the size of the spot or the color of the spot.the spot will look consult your doctor if you have an ugly spot on your skin.

Asymmetry - one half of your mole or birthmark do not match the other spot

contact your doctor if you experience this

A sore that don't heal
Redness around the mole
if your spot or mole hurt, itchness or pain
if you feel the mole or spot feels like a bump or lump
if your mole or spot bleed

Additional Guide

How To Prevent Skin Cancer

Use sunscreen - Recommended sunscreen is SPF 15 or higher is great for protecting your skin from the sun.

Don't get sunburn - .we all need vitamin D but staying in the sun for too long is not recommended

Avoid tanning and don't use UV tanning beds

Apply Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher everyday before going outside

Use sunscreen after swimming

Keep newborn out of the sun.sunscreen can be use on a newborn at six month.

Check your skin head to toe every month.

Get a skin exam once a year.see your dermatologist.

No one deserve to have cancer.we can prevent skin cancer by changing our lifestyle or diet.avoid the bad foods like chemically made foods,avoid junk not saying this is a saying we can prevent skin cancer disease.what you put in your body do matter,what you use on your skin also do matter.

Thank you for reading this guide on Skin Cancer Symptoms Skin Cancer Prevention.

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