Friday, September 7, 2018

How To Feel Beautiful As A Plus Size Woman - Being Plus Size And Beautiful

How To Feel Beautiful As A Plus Size Woman

I Abigail the writer is a Plus Size Woman.

How To Feel Beautiful As A Plus Size Woman

I was not born fat or thick.i was not fat as a child.i was not fat in my weight problem began after having my kids.a woman body changes after having children.although all women are not the same.some women never have weight issues.i wanted to share a little bit about myself.

let move on to the article on how to feel beautiful as a plus size women

As a child you had confidence,never worried about your body but as you grew up you start to obsessed about your body because society says your body is not acceptable.

How To Feel Beautiful As A Plus Size Woman

Confidence starts with your mindset -  ok you are a plus size woman.big deal.don't let anyone make you feel less for being a big woman.doubt all negative thoughts about your body.most big women do workout but still can't loose weight.the person judging you do not know your have be a confidence plus size woman no matter how your body look.think positive and smile.tell yourself everyday "I Love Me" I am perfect.

Honest - Be honest to yourself.identify that you are a big woman and you need to work on your self.never be sad about your body but work towards have a healthy body.

What is beautiful ?- Define beauty.everyone see beauty differently.what you think is beautiful someone else might think it are beautiful in some stranger are beautiful in your eyes because it your body and it your life.believe that you are beautiful no matter what.

How To Feel Beautiful As A Plus Size Woman

What you wear - As a plus size woman it can be challenging to choose the right outfit,wear clothing that shows your curves but not sexy beautiful grown woman clothing that makes you respectful.i find wearing dress is a great choice for plus size women.

Personality - Your personality as a plus size woman matters.most people assume because you are a big woman you a sad person.that is not size women are about accepting your body and yourself.

Being mobidly obese is not healthy.there is a limit on being a plus size have to consider your health also.size 14 and up is considered plus size.the reality fact is, to have a healthy body is by eating healthy and exercising.finally "doubts all negative thoughts" ladies.

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