Thursday, August 23, 2018

How To Promote Avon Products Online - Tips And Ideas

How To Promote Avon Products Online

I am an avon representative.I am not a professional Writer.
I am probably like you.just a regular person living a simple life.

I love avon produccts that is why i decided to become an avon representative.

Why I Joined Avon

I joined avon because i love anything beauty and fashion.i have looked at other beauty products,but avon is the only one that i like a lot.

I wanted to start a home based business where i can work whenever i wanted with no rules.
I am a stay at home mom, raising my kids is what i want.

Avon product price is fair compare to most beauty products and i only had to pay $25 to time fee just to open my own home based beauty products business.sounds cool to me.

I sell avon products online and in person and i love it.

Now enough yapping let move on to the reason am writing this article.

How i promote Avon products online are as follows:

Facebook:- We all know facebook is a great place to promote any business.Avon has free social media tool that allows you to schedule posts,post to facebook and twitter.this a cool get this as an avon rerpesentative.I suggest you promote avon products on facebook pages.facebook do not allow promotion on profile.

Twitter :- Twitter is another social media that can help your avon my experiences i love twitter more than facebook.feel free to dissagree.

Pinterest :- My Favorite Social media site.i love everything about pinterest.the ease of pinning any image and websites.pinterest is perfect for promoting any beauty and fashion products.As an avon representative i encourage you to start using pinterest, for best result custom create youri own images for faster result.

Tumblr :- Tumblr is a great social media sites.not fund of tumblr,although i have tumblr blogs.since avon is about beauty products,it good to create a tumblr blog.

Google Plus communities :- Google plus is not my favorite social media.just posting publicly to googleplus might not get you views. but posting in google plus communities might get you some views.make sure your images are beautiful.

Your Blog -:I struggled with anything involving getting your own blog,because it hard to send traffic to a blog,but as an avon representative you need a blog because how will you get search engine traffic if you don't have a will not index your avon need to put your link in a blog that is search engine don't need to pay money for a blog. e.g like wordpress.start with a free blog and see your result.

linkedin - linkedin is for business can get traffic promoting avon product  on linkedin.

Youtube - Youtube is everyone favorite platform to promote anything.this is my preference also.i love can promote avon products on youtube easily by optimizing your video.
This is just some ways to promote avon products online for new avon reps.i found this sites effective.
if you find this article informative.leave a positive comment.

Become avon representative for just $10 today.

There are different ways to promote avon products have to do google search for other sites you can promote avon products online.quick tip,the more backlink to your blog the better your blog rank in search engines.(do not use fake backlink)


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