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How Long Does Menopause Last?

What is perimenopause or menopause ?

Menopause is a stage in life that a woman stops having her monthly cycle.This is normal. Every woman will experience menopause it unavoidable.this means a woman will no longer reproduce eggs at a certain age.

How Long Does Menopause Last?

Am sure a lot of women had heard the term menopause.A lot of women worry about menopause expecially when you are in your 30s to 40s.

I use to worry about menopause the truth is i would rather have menopause than have monthly period. every woman is different am 39 and i can't stand having period every month.

There are several symptoms that comes with menopause and it not the best ezperience for any woman. Menopause symptoms often starts when a woman estrogen level starts to drop, it starts between 3 to 5 years before menopause begins. This is also called perimenopause.

You will start to notice this sysmptoms during Menopause

Irregular period  - A woman estrogen drop and she start to have period change.A woman may experience miss period or experience longer period.she may experience lighter or heavier period

Vaginal dryness - Low estrogen drop can cause vaginal dryness meaning decrease in lubrication of the vaginal, the vaginal tissue becomes thinner.A woman enjoy intercourse when her vaginal is lubricated. when she has vaginal dryness she will experience pain and won't like to have intercourse.

Unable to have children - When estrogen decrease a woman chances of having a child decrease (perimenopause) Once she finally reaches the full menopause.she stop releasing eggs and she can't get pregnant anymore.

Gaining weight - A woman can gain weight during menopause this is because her metabolism slows down during menopause.she can gain weight with or without changing her diet or with  or without exercise routine.

Having hot flashes - This is one of the most complain from women during menopause.changes in hormone level can lead to hot flashes, a woman feeling heat and flushing on the upper body or all over the body. it can last for seconds or minutes.

Sweating while sleeping (night sweats) - Night sweats is cause by hot happens when a woman is sleeping and it can wake her up during the night. not a comforable feeling.

Not in the mood (Low Mood) - A woman might experience mood change during menopause.This is due to hormone change.Low mood could be triggered by stress or unable to get good sleep, Low mood can be due to being tired.

Trouble sleeping at night - Menopause make it hard for a woman to get a good night could be due to night sweats.

Attention problems (Focus) - During monopause the woman may find it hard to focus and she may have memory problems, finding it hard to remember things.Scientist don't know if this is due to low estrogen.

Thining hair and skin - change in hormonal changes during menopause can lead to thinning skin and some women may experience hair loss.

Urinary incontinence (Weak bladder) - During menopause a woman may experience weak bladder problem. unable to hold their pee.

How Long Does Menopause Last?

Perimenopause can last up to 4 years, each woman is different.some women only ezperience it for few months.perimenopause ends when a woman has gone 12 months without her period.

Be aware of what happens after menopause.

As a woman experience menopause it also put her at risk to certain health problems.she might have high risk in having heart disease.

She might also have weak bones (osteoporosis) she will lose muscles, for the first year she will loose bone density rapidly.

See your doctor if you are experiencing this symptoms and if you are age 45 to 50.your doctor might prescribe a medication to help prevent bone tissue loss.

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