Thursday, November 29, 2018

Avon Table Set up - Where To Set up Avon Table Make More Sale

Avon Table Set up Guide For Avon Representative

Are you an Avon Representative? or Is getting Avon Customers A Problem?

Avon Table Set up - Where To Set up Avon Table Make More Sale

Here is some ideas that might bring you sales

Avon is a great company. Avon has been around for about 130 years.I have met different avon representatives, each with dfferent ideas on selling avon.

I want to share the ideas  that worked for me and the ideas  i am currently using. to sell avon face to face

Where to set up avon table as follows:-

1.  Setup Avon Table at local businesses - This is what am currently doing.Some small businesses will allow you to setup avon table for free, some will charge you a low fee of about $20. Make sure this business has enough traffic.

2. Setup Avon table at an Event - Find out events going on in your city and go to that event to set up your avon table.

3. flea market - This is a  good place to setup avon table.where i live flea market is open weekends only.

4. Senior living homes(Elderly) - I am thinking of these method only if i have the time, i have met several avon ladies that actually setup Avon table at senior home.

5. Grocery store - Setting Avon table at a grocery store is a great way to make sales. imagine the traffic you get from grocery store.find out if your local grocery store will allow avon table set up.

6. Your Local Mall - Setup Avon table at the mall or rent a booth if you can depending on where you live

7.  Craft fair - I heard this is a good place to try out.

8. Job Fair - Find out your local job fair and see if they will allow Avon table set up, a lot of people attend job fair.

9. Partys or wedding - I know this is not your favorite method but you won't know until you try it all depend on the party or wedding and the person having the party or a wedding will allow it, just a suggestion.

10. Office buildings - I know most office won't allow avon table set up but big buidings might allow it also it depend on what kind of office building it is, you might be allowed to set up during lunch time(break time for workers)

I am writing this because i realize i can't find much information on this topic and i have been ask this question, i think it will be beneficial to avon ladies that need help selling avon face to face.

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If you have ideas of places to set up avon table that i have not listed, leave a comment below on your idea and i will edit this post and add it to the list.Thanks in advance.

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